Auto Windshield Repair

Have you ever had small stone or some other object hit your vehicle’s windshield leaving an unwanted chip or star in the glass? Get it repaired before it becomes a large crack and affects your vehicle safety. If you ignore these chips you might have to replace the entire windshield later on, costing you a hefty amount. We at Coleman Auto Restoration Systems (C.A.R.S.) (serving Temple Tx, Waco, Killeen and Belton in Texas) can help you repair your windshield without the high cost of replacing the glass. The process we use not only hides the chip/star, but also keeps it from cracking later on, saving you a lot of money.

We can repair all types of auto glass, side door glass, front and rear glass for cars, SUVs, trucks, or any other type of vehicle. After bringing your vehicle at our body shop, you are assured that your vehicle will look as good as new after our certified glass service technicians repair your auto glass or windshield. At Coleman Auto Restoration Systems, we use only the finest materials and modern techniques for Windshield Repair services.

Depending on the size of the damaged area (chip/star), windshield repair is less costly and a great alternative to windshield replacement. Our quality Windshield Repair can prevent the star or chip from spreading and becoming a bigger crack, thus restoring the overall integrity of your vehicle’s windshield. It can also help to conceal the original damage, without the need of replacing the existing glass.

We understand that with damaged windshield, the safety of yours is at stake and if not executed in the right way, the glass can fall out easily as the result in a complete smashup. Thus, we make sure that the damaged area is assembled sensibly and all tarnishing are removed. We also ensure edging of the glass is well cleansed and groomed.

For impressive Windshield Repair, visit us at Coleman Auto Restoration Systems.

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