Auto Detailing Services

Want to make your vehicle look, smell and feel like brand new? Visit us at Coleman Auto Restoration Systems (C.A.R.S.) located in Belton, Central Texas. We are renowned to provide the highest quality Auto Detailing services like none other. Our detailing services include cleaning, polishing and waxing of both interiors and exteriors of your vehicle, to make it look as good as new. Besides improving the appearance and maintaining the ‘curb appeal’ of your vehicle, our detailing services help to increase its resale value.

The exterior car detailing at C.A.R.S. includes claying, polishing, paint defect correction, and waxing. Our interior detailing involves the cleaning of interior of your vehicle with car care products, vacuum cleaners, liquid cleaners, steam, scrubs and brushes. We take great pride in helping our customers as well as various car dealers prepare their cars for sale. Our auto detailing services are the most thorough in the Central Texas region including Waco Tx, Belton, Killeen and Temple Texas . Right from cleaning the door & trunk jambs, hand detailing entire interior surfaces to vacuuming and cleaning underneath the seats, cup holders, door pockets and also inside the cargo areas, our technicians take care of every aspect of your vehicles' cleaning and maintenance.

We have many levels of detailing available to choose from. We use the highest quality products and specialized procedures in our detailing process to ensure that your vehicle’s interior is not only clean but is protected as well. Our process includes removing of harmful odors that can linger in your vehicle, treatment that helps protect your leather or other upholstery, and carpet and seat extracting to ensure your car or truck is not only dirt free, but also mold and bacteria free.
  • Our mini car detailing includes - Car wash, streak-free clean all windows & mirrors (both inside and outside), dirt removal from dash and interior trims, cleaning of wheels, vacuuming carpets/mats & seats and car waxing
  • Our interior detailing includes - Cleaning and sanitizing air ducts, carpet and seat upholstery, shampooing carpets/mats, cleaning and conditioning leather, detailing dashboard, vacuuming and wiping down door jambs and luggage compartment.
  • Our exterior detailing includes - Smoothening of car paint and exfoliating coat contaminants, buffing your car, applying car conditioner, polishing wheel moldings & trim finishing, detailing gas compartment & tail pipes and clay bar windows.
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